Founded in 2005, rainbow idea is a full-service, fully-integrated advertising  agency
with over 2750 full-time, late-working  days, on-timing,  below-budgeting, hard-charging,
clutch-saving, coffee-chugging, marketing  fanatics. During our over 11 years in business,
we’ve grown from a small idea into a great advertising  partner for our clients.

We specialize in growing brands as our clients’ business objectives come first.
Our focus is on solving business challenges  first, not making ads.
We are constantly  striving to uncover new ideas and solutions in every possible area.


Rainbow is a pool of seniors | this is how we deliver professional work!
The rate is 5 to 1 between seniors and juniors in Rainbow's team.


Because the mathematics of professionals is nothing less than magic!
Rainbow follows the accordion-business model | this is how we deliver flexible and cost-effective work!
Our team enlarges when our clients’ objectives makes it necessary. The 8 permanents can multiply
twice or more every time a project needs it and the budget allows it.

Creativity is in big demand

and our attitude is that nothing is impossible | there’s always a solution,
and that’s why clients keep working with us!
We aim to always provide a solution that either gets opened, engages the reader, grabs attention,
wows the audience and ultimately  gets the required reaction.

The facts

Our diverse list of clients continually  come back for our great ideas and outstanding  results,
proof of that stand our long term business relationships