VIP Event

Client description:
Autoklass – Official Home of Mercedes-Benz

March 2014 – New Mercedes-Benz models have been introduced to the public. So, the brief was to organize an elegant launching event for Mercedes-Benz new C-Class and new GLA model.

Date: 26 March 2014 | Place: Ghika Palace, Bucharest
The central idea was to present the two models by comparison: Excellence without limits (Mercedes-Benz new C Class) vs. “Always restless” (New Mercedes-Benz GLA).
The visual concept was antagonistic, too – the cars were black and white surrounded by white clouds and black paper airplanes inwroughtwith random geometrical white and silver forms.
Each Mercedes-Benz new model was launched separately through custom tailored dance moment performed by Iuno Dance. Dancers’ choreography was embellished by a violin singer that mixed and interpreted the 007 theme especially in the mood of the event.
The show continued with a dynamic colorful moment signed by Luca Valentin - professional bartender (well know from the “Romanian got talent” show) who entertained the atmosphere by preparing a colorful non-alcoholic cocktail, that was served in public.
We couldn’t end the night without a rewarding moment hosted by Andi Moisescu.

4h entertaining and colorful event that brought together more than 300 participants, powered by Rainbow Idea.