Limagrain - Agriplanta

Client description:
Limagrain #1 producer in Europe for silo maize seeds and #3 producer in Europe for maize and sunflower seeds.

Agriplanta is an annually field event, that brings together important Romanian agronomy leaders. All the visitors came to see maize, sunflower, wheat, barley and oat parcels in real field conditions. So the challenge for us was to create an attractive Limagrain exhibition around the parcels with LG Seeds. Limagrain’s partner as fertilizer company was Makhteshim Agan.

In order to be different and visible, we have chosen a big rounded white tent like a big summer igloo settled in the middle of LG parcels. The interior decorations were traditional, built by hay bales: a big pyramid decorated with field flowers, watering cans, hand lamps and branded canvas flags and two divans, covered by rustic canvas and branded pillows.
Outside the igloo was also very attractive: the parcels were marked with big red vanes. The most attractive point was the traditional caravan where we’ve offered freshly cooked sausages and cold drinks. Another reason people came back to us was to pick their instant magnetic photo made by a professional photographer.

The most important result was that LG summer igloo became shortly an important meeting point for the farmers and professionals at the exhibition. LG snacks became famous, as no one could pass along without paying us a short visit. LG & Makhteshim’s presence enjoyed free media coverage through photos and filmed images of the summer igloo and traditional caravan.