Summer Field Events

Client description:
Limagrain #1 producer in Europe for silo maize seeds and #3 producer in Europe for maize and sunflower seeds.

This type of BTL event is commonly used by agro-producers, therefore it is a real challenge every year to come with something new, to attract more farmers than the other competitors in the market.

Starting with 2007 we’ve organized LG summer field events called “Ziua Campului LG”. Yearly we’ve traveled in different parts of Romania, met thousands of farmers and successfully presented LG Seeds at work (in fields). We have always used new branding field ideas, new interaction activities that brought agronomy professionals participate at Ziua Campului LG. Innovation and networking are the keywords of our work.

Ziua Campului LG became a traditional event that farmers and professionals look forward every year. The number of participants is constantly growing from one year to another and most important, LG brand awareness and sales growth are more and more visible